Safe N Sound Maxi Rider AHR Easy Adjust-6 Months to 8yrs

Safe N Sound Maxi Rider AHR Easy Adjust-6 Months to 8yrs

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Forward Facing Mode (From approx. 6 mths up to

approx. 4 years of age)

For children approximately 6 months to approximately

4 years of age, using the In-built harness.

Booster Seat Mode (From approx. 4 years up

to approx. 8 years of age)

For children approximately 4 years of age to

approximately 8 years of age when used as

a Booster Seat with Lap-Sash Seat Belt or

Child Harness and lap or lap sash seat belt

(a Child Harness must be used in a position

with a lap only seat belt).


AHR Headrest features deeper side wings that shield and contain your child's head in a side impact crash
Unique AHR (active head restraint) is designed to be adjusted as your child grows
Deep side wings are EPS foam lined providing additional protection in side impact crash
Grows with child, converting from a Forward Facing Seat with In-built Harness to a Booster Seat
Store the In-built Harness and use a Booster Seat when the child's shouders reach the middle shoulder height marker (from approx. 4 years)
In Booster seat mode use the exclusive Safe-n-Sound SLIDEGUARD clip to prevent slumping and the lap belt rising onto your child's abdomen
In Booster seat mode the AHR Headrest features a sash guide which ensures that the sash part of the seat belt is across the shoulder correctly restrainting the occupant
Speakers in headrest for audio pleasure
2 position recline offers additional comfort for a sleeping child
2 rotating cup holders
Pivoting arm rests provide further comfort